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Carine Brancowitz


Watching You


Venez Serpents

Les Cloportes

Intermezzo - Paris National Opera

Intermezzo - Paris National Opera

Rolling Stone

Patisserie Mag 1

Patisserie Mag 2


Editorial illustration for Nylon magazine


Missing Puzzle Piece


Stop Fungus

Testoni Campaign

Testoni Campaign

Highsnobiety Magazine

Highsnobiety Magazine

Derby Collection

Creative Review cover artwork

Ciao Papa


Food and Drinks

Beauty Products

Heartbreak Heartbeat

Fortune Teller

Dumplings in Flushing

Artist biography

Carine is devoted to music and painting, she studied illustration, screen printing and lithography in Paris. Starting out as a Jnr Art Director in a chic fashion agency before returning biro-in-hand to the art world - her elegance has attracted brands like Iceberg, Céline, Nokia, SFR, Bic, Silvera, Grohe, Record Makers, Nylon Magazine and Converse. She literally carved her own identity into the artworld with a biro.