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Chervelle Fryer

Forest Clutter

Self-initiated pattern of India’s most endangered animals

Back to School

Self-initiated illustration for the theme 'Back to School'

A Pack of Dogs

Self-initiated tiling pattern

Clowder of Cats

Self-initiated tiling pattern


A series of self-initiated images for different styling products with the same model as a different fairytale character

The Nine Muses

Self-promotion work for a zine project

The Unfair Fair Maiden

Start of a personal series of illustrations called ‘The Unfair Fair Maiden’

The Cost of Meat

Self-initiated illustration about the effects of unsustainable meat farming


Self-initiated piece about a black cat who learns about life outside the luxury of home

The Fox Hunt Debate

Self-initiated illustration about Fox Hunting and media coverage of the debate


Piece in a personal series of illustrations called ‘The Unfair Fair Maiden’

Source Magazine Cover

Front cover illustration for Source Magazine and Spot illustrations for Source Magazine

Artist biography

Chervelle Fryer is an illustrator hailing from the Welsh capital of Cardiff. Her raw talent and positive attitude really caught our attention here at jelly after we met during New Designers 2015. Chervelle’s style is unique, adaptable and she loves the use of texture. She takes inspiration from traditional brush styles, but creates her work digitally. It is a pleasure to have her as part of our Futures collective.

Chervelle is part of Futures. Here at Jelly London, we’ve always had a passion for nurturing the new – enjoying our involvement with organisations such as D&AD, YCC and various Universities, we recognise that this year’s graduates are the next generation of creative industry movers and shakers. ‘Futures’ seeks to find the best fresh talent coming onto the scene and develop their skills and portfolios for a step up into the illustration business. Hand in hand with our expert Project Management and Agent experience, Futures offers up a route for nurturing exciting new talent with the reassurance of management by one of London's top creative production agencies.