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Jelly Kitchen

Game of Thrones Tapestry

We worked on Tourism Ireland’s latest campaign by Publicis London to showcase Northern Ireland as GoT territory to millions of fans worldwide. Publicis masterminded a Game of Thrones Tapestry to capture all the key moments from Game of Thrones Season 1 right up until Season 7. Working closely with the agency we had a team of Jelly Kitchen artists (Carim, Jacob and Rob) working on illustrations to form the basis for the weave and the 66m long tapestry. The team worked relentlessly to roll out the artwork in tandem with the weavers in under 8 weeks. As Season 7 unfolds we will be working responsively to capture the latest episodes and new sections of the tapestry will be added.

TypoCircle Trevor Beattie Talk Poster Illustration

Poster Illustration by Jacob at Jelly Kitchen for Trevor Beattie's TypoCircle talk

Thomas Cook Campaign Illustrations

A suite of vector illustrations created by Rob at Jelly Kitchen for Albion London's Thomas Cook campaign


Working alongside the branding agency, we helped develop and create a ‘packaging Felix’, closely adhering to the new brand guidelines but developing his character. Other illustrative assets produced include Felix accessories and food product illustrations. Felix examples above by Tony Wilson.


We put together a team of artists for an experiential pop-up event for the Metro in SoHo, covering graphic novel style wall vinyls to anamorphic logo design and chalkboard signage


Schuh approached us to help create illustrated pairs of wellies for their pop-up stand at the Lovebox Festival in East London

Fabrica Brochure Illustrations

Pencil illustrations by Carim at Jelly Kitchen for property development brochure

Bank Of Scotland

This style was defined from the Bank of Scotland client and needed help developing a team of illustrators that could match the style and could work on large production schedules with several commissioning agencies


Working closely with M&G’s ad agency we put together a team of illustrators with style set by Tony Wilson for an ongoing partnership creating a high volume of brand illustrations


We worked closely with BrandOpus to produce packaging for a re-brand of Candyland’s confectionary range

Creme Egg Cafe

We worked with Elvis and jelly Kitchen artist Nic Farrell to create onsite hand lettered menus and signage

Ralph Lauren Live Art

Ralph Lauren wanted one of our Jelly Kitchen artists Linda to create onsite personalised original artworks for their VIP shoppers at a pop-up buying event in Harrods, London


Working with VCCP Health, we set an illustration style and created a number of assets for a Xtandi patient toolkit

Transport for London

Working with agency OTM, we worked closely on a range of illustrations for TfL. We have a number of artists whose combination of style and accuracy benefit the production of the images needed across internal communications and infographics. These examples are by Tony Wilson.

TFL Oyster Card Illustration

Hyperreal style by Tony Wilson for OTM and TFL

Network Rail

We created a number of location and map based illustrations with Rob House for Network Rail's online portal that was a resource for maintenance information across their network

Styles & Specialities – CGI & Product Shots

Jelly Kitchen is a place where you can also find that niche or style for that one off request. Utilising our wide network of artists and contacts, we can offer capabilities or specialities that you might not find amongst our main roster of artists but that you need to fulfil quickly and on budget

Styles & Specialities – Rich Pictures

Rich picture for RFL Crossrail. Illustration by Rob House and creative direction by Jelly Kitchen

Styles & Specialities – Medical

Styles & Specialities – Technical

Examples by Tom Connell and Tony Wilson

Styles & Specialities – Botanical

Styles & Specialities - Vintage Travel Poster

Examples by Tony Wilson.

Styles & Specialities - Etched

Example by Tony Wilson

Artist biography

Jelly Kitchen is a space where diverse styles and techniques are blended to craft high-quality creative visual solutions. Jelly can hand-pick a bespoke team of specialists to realise your project and work with you to take it to the next level. Based on our ethos of collaboration and our experience in working on projects of all sizes,we can either deliver an entire idea, or take on specific parts of a project, depending on your needs. Whether you have a large volume of content needed with a short time frame, or you have a brand owned style, Jelly Kitchen can make it happen.