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Mimi Leung

Brain Window

The Computer as Music Critic

Commission for The New York Times, Sunday Review


Sneaks n Freaks


Food Smiles

Cut The Crap Leggings

Illustrated pattern designs for an exclusive collection of jazzy leggings for the Front Row Society.

Let's Make History

Bog n Roll




The Story Of Coffee

Adidas Window

 Window installation for Adidas Originals at Platypus Shoes on Chapel Street, Melbourne. Collaboration with industrial designer Chris  Ruffe and Rowan Dinning.

Traveller Drinking at Festivals


Illustration to show all of Samsungs achievements and accolades throughout 2014.

Got To Get Through My Day

So Angry Bro

Adventure Everyday


Commission for Nokia's Uusi Magazine


Xtra Sneakers

Carry On Anyway

Lucky 13

Commission for Elle Canada

Ain't No Sense In Complainin

Hacker Wars

Commission for Nautilus


Open Your Heart

Commission for Ogilvy


Artist biography

Mimi Leung loves creating artworks and experiences a delirious joy in crafting bold colour explosions with her vivid imagination and witty characters. Since graduating with an MA in Art and Design from the Royal College of Art, London she has worked for a range of high-profile clients such as Dada Life, Le Creuset, ADIDAS Originals, Magma Books, Nike and The Guardian UK.