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Steve Scott

Adobe Creative Cloud

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Mazda Coast


Mazda Mountain

City Banner

Website homepage illustration as part of Venner Shipley illustration rebrand.

Energy, Food and Drink, News

Part of a series of 30 illustrations for Venner Shipley rebrand.

Copyright, Agrochemicals, Retail and Fashion

Part of a series of 30 spot illustrations for a Venner Shipley rebrand.

Station to Station

Self-initiated piece



Illustration for Winkreative advertorial in Monocle Magazine

Expand Overseas, Scale Up Delivery

Illustrations for Royal Mail B2B section of website.

John Lobb

Leading with Humour

Illustration for an article on humour in the workplace

Hollywood Reporter - Just Fired

Usbek Rica

Post Office Travel Tips

Tin Tin Colours

Hollywood Reporter

Illustration for the Hollywood Reporter about the Diversity programs at TV and film studios

Burger Joint

Are We There Yet

Usborne - Natural Discoveries

Martin's Jam Packaging

Artist biography

Steve Scott is a master at mixing up fresh, contemporary images with a nod to the retro. He has acquired a reputable clientele including Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Volvo, Led Zeppelin, Channel 4 and Wired Magazine. He also featured in the New York Guggenheim Museum and the Pictoplasma Festival in Berlin.