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Design Lad

Jelly London launch

Kong's Apartment

Kong's Apartment

NBA Times

 Still from NBA Time animation-celebrating the start to NBA 2017 season 

36 Days of Type


For everyone that is addicted to instagram

Junk Food On The Brain

Junk food on the brain 


Single cover for DJ producer Shy FX


Typographic exploration based on Berlin

Rockin Around The Galaxy

Christmas card celebrating space tourism

A-Z Childhood Of Fun

Letters for 36 days of type 2017

K & F

36 days of type

P & B

36 days of type

L & U

36 days of type

Z for Zoo Hot Tub

36 days of type 

New Balls Please



Golden Summer Of Sport

Golden summer of sport

When Easter Bunnies Strike Back

Self-Initiated piece for social media

Postcard Statistics

Front cover for FT Weekend Magazine

Future Of Wine Tasting

The future of wine tasting

Pay To Play

Editorial for RSA journal

Festive Cliché Control - 2016 xmas card


Editorial for Wealthsmith's magazine 

Mindful Kong

Mindful Kong

Plant Power



Artist biography

Design Lad is a London-based designer and illustrator specialising in 3D illustration and animation. His signature style is bold, playful and colourful. With clients like Sony Music, BBC and Red Bull under his belt, Matt's portfolio is a visual feast of plump characters, pleasing palettes and quirky detail.