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David Buisan

Stranger Things

Marty McFly / Ghostbusters

Self-initiated film illustrations

Rocket Brandery

Wallpaper for Rocket magazine special panel at Barcelona fashion trade show The Brandery

Line Selfie App

Sea-Punk inspired selfie stickers commissioned by Line

Sweet Heroine

Illustration commission for Vogue Japan


Commission for Esquire magazine

Dr. Who

Self-initiated illustration series for Dr. Who


Self-initiated illustration inspired by BBC series 'Sherlock'

Late Night Hosts

Commission for Variety Magazine

Benylin Print Campaign

Print campaign illustrations for Benylin


Illustration about male stereotypes

Matt Redneck

Self-initiated illustration


Self-initiated piece

World End

Editorial illustration


Fashion editorial piece for Bess NYC

Academia Cinemania

Editorial commission for Cinemania magazine

Cinemania Portraits

Editorial commission for Cinemania magazine


Figurative illustration

Star Wars

Front covers from new edition Star Wars books from Egmont Books

Air Berlin

Illustrations for feature in Air Berlin magazine

Artist biography

Notoriously influenced by comic books, all things psychedelic, sci-fi and fantasy media along with loads of urban pulp TV, David has developed an electric hand drawn and comic book style. Popular in both the UK and Spain he has been published in Spanish trends H Magazine, El Barcelonés and in the online Magazine – Guapo. He's worked with Damm Beer, Virgin, Nivea, UMTV, Bess NYC, Maxim Magazine, RyanAir and Hearst Group.