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Sandra Suy



Babyliss Boutique 2

Babyliss Boutique pack

Babyliss Boutique



Monthly Horoscope commission for Glamour Magazine, UK

Chloe 60th Anniversary

Chloe 60th Anniversary

Make Up Styles


Make-up colour palettes illustration for L’Oreal

Superdrug 2

Rita Ora

Rita Ora


Heinui & Telva

Sisley – Hermès

Sisley – Hermès composition for Harpers Bazaar Magazine, Spain. 

Personal missoni

limited edition 10.55 tshirt design

Limited edition Tshirt design created by Sandra Suy for 55DSL Diesel

Paloma Faith


Zara Perfume

Artist biography

Sandra studied fashion and art at La Llotja in Barcelona printing clothing designs in her own time. Sandra is influenced by vintage fashion and very passionate about her craft. She has created a unique, natural and elegant style using fluid lines to define silhouettes and subtle palettes to add emotive connotations to her muses. Unsurprisingly Sandra has defined the style for many high end fashion brands in recent years including Missoni, Chloé and Lanvin.