Behind the Scenes: A trip to the Game of Thrones Tapestry

Fri 15 Sep 2017

In a recent blog post, we talked about Jelly’s involvement with Tourism Ireland’s latest campaign by Publicis London to showcase Northern Ireland as Game of Thrones® territory.

In short, a team of our finest Jelly Kitchen artists worked closely with Publicis London to create the illustrations for the basis of a 66m long tapestry, capturing all the key moments from season 1 right up to season 7’s premiere (all in under 8 weeks).

As season 7 unfolded, we worked responsively to reveal new sections of the tapestry each week, capturing key events from the previous week’s episode, as well as animating images of the tapestry to promote on social.

Fortunately for us, our die hard Game of Thrones fans Carim, Jacob and Rob were more than happy to work relentlessly to produce hand-drawn illustrations which were coloured and then brought to life on a state of the art Jacquard loom in tandem with the wonderful hand weaving experts Dash and Miller

A tiny section of the 77 metre long tapestry

Since the beginning of filming of Game of Thrones in Northern Ireland in 2010, it’s safe to say there has been somewhat of a tourism boom. And rightly so. With so many beautiful set locations in remarkable castles, impressive coastlines and mystical valleys it makes sense to encourage as many people as possible to come to the stunning country.

With a dream team from the agency, to the weaving team, production team and the team of Ulster Museum volunteer embroiderers, making this happen in such a tight timeframe was always about teamwork. So the opportunity to go see our handiwork for real and at the Ulster Museum in Belfast (and have a pint of Guinness) was a rare opportunity for most of us to get together. 

3 members of the Jelly team left the comfort of their homes, to follow the three-eyed raven through the Seven Kingdoms in search of the beloved Tapestry.

Nicki Field, our Head of Illustration said, “I was blown away. I knew all the illustrations but seeing it on screen didn’t do it justice. Amazing to see the tapestry up close and in the flesh, the weave and embroidery brought it to life. So nice to do something that has a longevity to it and so much craft involved". 

Our very own Jacob from Jelly Kitchen admiring his work

After spending the day being shown round the Ulster museum and a laid on lunch by local pub landlord legend Willy whilst admiring his #doorsofthrones, the local interest in it is amazing and what Game of Thrones has done for Belfast. Early reports from the museum show the  success of the Tapestry as by far one of the most popular exhibits in recent years. Talking with Joanne and the volunteers, it was clear to see how everyone in the community is passionate about the tapestry and how much local value it has.

From Winterfell to the Iron Islands, King Joffrey’s gold crown to Daenerys’ glistening snowy hair, it is truly remarkable to see all of the events, characters and filming locations brought to life on this extraordinarily large tapestry.

We can positively say that Game of Thrones has become part of Northern Irelands spirit and culture and we are unbelievably proud to have been involved in such a rewarding project.

Wondering where you can get your Game of Thrones fix? Simply head to Belfast!

We swear they love each other really...