Sandra Suy x Shiseido celebrate diversity

Thu 10 May 2018

Sandra Suy recently illustrated 25 portraits of different ethnicities for make up brand Shiseido’s latest campaign, the anniversary of the Shiseido Foundation.
The campaign aims to encourage people to love the differences in others. Here’s what the campaign message was…

"Imagine if everyone was the same. 

Looked the same. Thought the same way. Shared the same experiences. There would be no discrimination. No prejudice. No conflict. 

But there would be no one to make you laugh. No one to make you smile. No one to provoke you, challenge you or change you. And there would be no one to make your heart beat faster. 

That is the beauty in our world: the differences 

Sadly across the world there are times when we refuse to accept various differences in people, be it their age, sex, appearance, nationality or even culture.

In Japan things are different. On Shisedo’s anniversary, we decided to celebrate diversity, encouraging people to see the beauty in all of our difference and embrace the idea that beauty can evolve and change the world."